Istanbul Shopping increase Fest’s beginning in June

Istanbul Shopping increase Fest’s beginning in June

One of the world’s largest shopping and entertainment Istanbul Shopping Fest(ISF) was restructured with strong partners.ISF’s going to occur on June 7-29
istanbul-shopping-increase-fests-beginning-in-june Date Added : 10 February 2014 Monday

With the support of Istanbul’s historical and cultural values,Istanbul Shopping Fest is arranged since 2011.ISF also got power and renewed with the new partnership structure and organization.In 2010 , ISF established by Shopping Centers and Retailers Association (AMPD), United Brands Association (BMD) and Shopping Center Investors Association (AYD). The international promotion of ISF also made by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. Kadir Topbaş took over the presidency of ISF from TIM President Mehmet Büyükekşi.Dr. Kadir Topbaş stated in his statement that ‘ ISF left behind the third period with great enthusiasm. At the present day, Istanbul has capability to entertaining over than 10 million Tourist and our target is increasing this figures over than 20 million.This city is active for 24 hours and needs everyone to reveal its differences  , improve its competitiveness. Istanbul Shopping Fest will attract the attention of the whole world and the people,who are from different countries, will follow this Fest.

‘We will use our experiences for Shopping Fest’
According to İbrahim Çağlar,Executive Board President of ISF, Turkey has no time to lose about branding anymore.’Today, the many developed countries is owed their success to their successful branding history.After this time,we will put the organizations,which benefit to reaching high brand value,on a pedestal.By the way we are going to use our 132 years experiences and organization knowledge to support Shopping Fest.

‘The goal : Being the one of the best Festival in the world’
‘Istanbul Shopping Fest is holding a place as the youngest Fest amoung the world’s most successful shopping festivals’ said İbrahim Çağlar.However,when we analysed the values of this fest,in 3 years ISF had the best numbers about having guests and trading volume.’When  people talk about shopping ,culture ,entertainment and art, we want to create this idea for the the people’Istanbul is the best option for us’. This potential is available in our city, and we will show it to the world’ he stated.

‘ISF is going to hold its own way with the excitement as the first day’
The President of Turkey Exporters Assembly, Mehmet Büyükekşi expressed that’ We are emphasizing the importance of Shopping Fest in every platform and through this festival, increased the number of foreign visitors,shopping,giro and trade volume. In its fourth year of this event,all brands, associations and organizations in the retail sector came together.This organization offers the unprecedented cooperation and common ideal area for both public and private sector. After this, we feel confident about that, ISF is going to hold its own way with the excitement as the first day.’

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