Rossmann makes good in Turkey

Rossmann makes good in Turkey

Personal care market as Rossmann was founded in Germany in 1972, where It started in Turkey in 2009 continues unabated investment. Rossmann, total of 7 thousand square meters, with 16 stores in Turkey in the field of sales is in service with more than 200 employees. Rossmann Turkey General Manager Ramez Abboud says, "Our goal is to double the area shots, "Rossmann makes good in Turkey
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Fulya B. Öztürk

1-Rossmann was founded in Germany.Would you describe to us a short history of ‘Rossmann’ and tell us about your differences?
The Dirk Rossmann GmbH, commonly referred to as Rossmann, is the second largest drugstore chain in Germany. In Germany the chain, founded by Dirk Rossmann 1972, has at the beginning of 2013 on approximately 2,776 stores with 38,000 employees. Other markets are Albania, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Turkey. For now we have 200 employees in Turkey.While the defining of  Rossman I would like to underline that we don’t sell just cosmetics and personal care products. Furthermore we have several kind of products. Medicines, health products, dietary supplements , personal care products , various of souvenirs etc.These high quality products also have smarter price than their smiliars.

2- For which reasons did Rossmann decide to enter the Turkeys markt? Do you think that Rossmann fall behind for Turkey?
West European market is already obsolete.In this markt the population age is increasing day by day.But on the other hand, Turkey is connecting west and east like a bridge. Additionally
Half of Turkey’s population is under 30 age and contains dynamic,cultured people.Because of these reason Turkey is the proper markt for us.And also, I don’t think that Rossmann fall behind for Turkey because we are the first company which has a drogeriemarket concept in Turkey.

3-How many stores do you have in Turkey at the moment?
For now,Rossmann has 16 stores and 7,000 sqm. sales area in Turkey.Our stores are positioning mainly in Istanbul,Ankara and Izmir.

Turkey gives importance to brand and quality

4-How do you consider the cosmetic habits of Turkish men and women?
In general,Turks have the same consumption habits with the people who living in Europe.Of course there are minor exceptions.For example,in Germany the consumers are shopping price induced but Turkish consumers mostly prefer to take quality mark.That means,they pay more attention to brand and quality.

5-2012-2013 were the investment years  for Rossmann.Did you achieve your goals?
Right,They were the investment years for Rossmann Turkey,we have achieved our goals and doubled our giro.Because of this happiness,we are really proud and appreciating our consumers.

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