Colin’s is shooting up!

Colin’s is shooting up!

In 1983 Colin’s,which is a growing Turkish retailer,opened first store in Russia. Today , there are in 37 countries over than 600 Colin’s stores in the world. Eroglu Holding Board Member and Chief Executive Officer Colin's Yavuz Eroglu is bringing out that every week they are opening average 2 stores in domestic and international area
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Fulya Bayraktar Öztürk

1-What are the underlying causes of Colin’s today’s success? In this context,would you like to tell us about brand’s story?
Eroglu Holding, which operates in Colin's, was founded in 1983 . Eroğlu Family engaged with the textile business and opened their first band’s (Colin’s) store  in Russia.In a short time , Colin’s has become the most popular jean brand. Today, Colin’s is the best known brand in the former eastern block countries like Ukraine,Russia. Except Ukraine and Russia,the company is also showing activity in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Belarus, Romania.

2-"Loyal customers" Do you believe in this concept? In your opinion, can the customers remain true? Do you have loyal customers?
Obviously that’s a true concept.If the customers is staying happy about a product,they remain true with that product.Actually, looking around and finding a product or not being satisfied from that product are the main problems for customers.Because of these reasons,customers is staying loyal to brands which they prefer.Colin’s also have loyal customers,too.

3-Would you like to describe your customer profile?
We are a brand that can appeal to people who over than 18.Recently Colin’s preferred by people who under the age of 18.We are offering for sale Men and Women’s Jeans and complementary products which can wear in every ages and suitable for customer’s enjoy. It would not be right to give an average age but between 18-25 aged youngs are generally our passionate audience.

4-What are the best seller products in Colin’s?
Colin’s is known with Jeans.Because of that our best sellers are Jeans. Besides, our complemantary products and T-shirts are selling with equal amounts.

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