Great change is beginning in CarrefourSA

Great change is beginning in CarrefourSA

Starting 2014, CarrefourSA is preparing to change its market concept, human resources fields and technological infrastructure with the investments. CarrefourSA is aiming to reach about thousand market, in addition to reaching 15 thousands employees
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In the second half of 2013, CarrefourSa’s majority interests passed through the Sabancı Group. After that, the Group has set plans and goals for the new area. These goals were explained by Sabanci Holding, Retail and Insurance Group Chairman Haluk Dincer and Carrefour CEO Mehmet T. Nane.

Carrefour CEO Mehmet T. Nane stated to make store concept, human resources and technological infrastructure investments. ‘With our employees, business partners and investors while creating value shoulder to shoulder  , we will be number one in the consumer’s heart.’ , he said.According to Sabancı Holding Retail and Insurance Group Chairman Haluk Dinçer the retail sector is one of the biggest area in business lines in their portfolio.

The goal: ‘Being unbeatable’
Dinçer explained that,there was an important milestone  in terms of Sabancı Group and Carrefour in 2013. ‘Since the day,which we took over management of the company, we have started to develop our performance. Our goal for CarrefourSA is the reaching leadership’s position in the market with the experiences of Carrefour Group and Sabancı Holding’s power. In 2014, we will see the first signs of it.’ he said.

‘We will generate great change’
In Carrefour CEO Mehmet T. Nane’s opinion, they will reflect Sabanci Group's strength and confidence to CarrefourSA's growth strategy.’ After 2014, we will achieve a great change with Sabancı holding’s support in the retail sector. First of all, we are going to make investments in human resources, technological infrastructure and market concept.

From field to shelf
CarrefourSA is simplifying the buying process of fresh food products in the new era. Fresh food, which is the focus point of this term, is going to be bought directly from the source to cover product quality, nutritional value and freshness of the product. With this application, CarrefourSA can follow the procurement process and aims to deliver on the shelves between 36 – 40 hours. Besides, CarrefourSa will develop the ‘ shop-in-shop’ concept in the skin care and cosmetic’s fields and it will be released to 10 hypermarkets. Thus the consumers will get the opportunity to have the best products and personalized service.

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