Beğendik in the world league

Beğendik in the world league

Beğendik has gone on to the finals in the World Retail Awards with Ankara,Çayyolu store. Soilless agriculture area store is being showing one of the most important reasons of staying in the World Retail Awards finals for Beğendik
begendik-in-the-world-league Date Added : 10 February 2014 Monday

Beğendik’s Çayyolu store,which has been opened with 10 million $ investment last february, was nominated a candidate for World Retail Awards.The other competitors of Beğendik in’ 1,200 or higher square meters Store Design’ category are from from England, John Lewis, New York, USA Joe Fresh NYC Flagship, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Livrarir Culture, Cinema Vitoria Store and South Korea 'at Shinsegae Department Store. "World Retail Awards" winners will be announced with a ceremony on October 8 in Paris, France.

With Çayyolu Store that gives a new perspective on the retail industry in Beğendik ,the products is being producing in full view of consumers before sale. This store includes both  pasta, noodles, ravioli, chocolate production area and a dairy farm fresh yogurt and cheese. Especially Soilless agriculture implementing is attracting attention.

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