Happy 20 years!

Happy 20 years!

Since its establishment day, Ekonomi Yayınları ,that is taking the retail sector’s pulse, celebrated the 20th anniversary. In this special night, the crew and writers congregated together
happy-20-years Date Added : 07 February 2014 Friday

Ekonomi Yayınları, that put the 20 successful years behind, both evaluated the sector and celebrated the anniversary. Today, the life of a magazine is shorter than the past, however, Ekonomi Yayınları, that has continued its own way in the sector, has four magazines and three portals nowadays. Ekonomi Yayınları embodies inside  Market, that is the first retail magazine, Mağaza , EndüsTRim and Lojistürk, in addition to Perakende.org,Lojisturk.net and Endustrim.net.

‘Ekonomi Yayınları will continue to pursue its success’
Ekonomi Yayınları Publishing Consultant Okan Aras, thanks to everyone who contributed, for 20 successful business years. Aras talked about the difficulty of making broadcasting in Turkey and said : "20 years is quite a long time. Thanks to our team friends, we came here today. It’s very difficult to make broadcasting in Turkey but Ekonomi Yayınlar has continued successfully and will continue to pursue. Chairman of the Board Directors Gökçin Aras is unfortunately not here. But he sent best wishes to us and wished to pursue the being pioneer broadcasting organization in sector.”

‘The authors stressed the leadership of Market magazine’
Yıldız Technical University Faculty Member and Market magazine writer Prof. Dr. Kenan Aydın talked about the importance of Ekonomi Yayınları. Aydın, “ Ekonomi Yayınları and its magazines gave the direction to the sector since its first day. My 17 years passed in this sector. Our retail love does not stop and will continue like that. I knew invaluable friends in here.” Said.

Sinan Asılyazıcı,who is writing in Market magazine for 10 years, said that he see the magazine as his own child. “ We are celebrating the Market magazine’s 20the anniversary. When I started in this sector, There was no barcode. We were using Labelling machines , however , there was Market magazine. I am sharing my writings with you since 1997. I see this magazine like my kids and this will be continued like this. I congratulate everyone who involved.” he said.

Marmara University Faculty of Engineering Department of Industrial Engineering Research Assistant Ayçim Selam,who is one of the newest writer’s Ekonomi Yayınları, said “ I am the newest member of this sweet family. I am very happy to be with you. I congratulate you on your 20th years. I hope that I will be with you in the next 40th year.”

Dinçer : ‘ Market magazine is the example of a successful work’
Dinçer Gıda Chairman of the board of directors Tevfik Dinçer said that Ekonomi Yayınları is steering the sector successfully. Dinçer “First of all I am glad that to be here with you. I know Ekonomi Yayınları since its establishment’s day. In 1987, after the arrival of ÜÇGE to Istanbul, this institution was began its own way. Since then, I've been in this family. Market magazine is the example of a successful work. Ekonomi Yayınları is a school and If someone can grow up in this school, can hold standing in the market. I wish you continuously success for the coming years.” said.

Sekmen : ‘ We need to raise the bar more and more in the coming period’
Gürkan Sekmen,who is Asemble Consulting General Manager and writer in Market magazine, said: “ I feel like at home. This comfortable atmosphere is coming from  this warm family. Real success is tied into this room. Outside factors are temporary things. I feel myself really happy. I would like to thank everyone who gave me this chance.”. Kocaeli University Hereke Omer Ismet Uzunyol Vocational School Deputy Director and Economics and Administrative Programs Department of Management and Organization Senior Lecturer Yılmaz Pekmezcan said “I am very happy to be in this organization. Together,We are trying to help with our writings”

Yazıcı : ‘I’m happy to be together with Ekonomi Yayınları’s team’
Social Media Specialist Özcan Yazıcı has shared an his experience about hard work in Ekonomi Yayınları. Furthermore, Yazıcı said “I am very happy to be in Ekonomi Yayınları. 20 years can be easily pronounced but It is really long time.

In this night also the senior names of Ekonomi Yayınları has talked. Art Director Yaren Öz said ” Since my first day in Ekonomi Yayınları, I have done my job with passion . I have been always happy. I grew up in this company. Therefore, This company is really important for me. I would like to thank your for your supports”.

Editorial Manager Fulya Öztürk talked about the importance of their work and said “ When I was 22,came to Istanbul from Bursa for Ekonomi Yayınları. After a time period, working place is becoming your life style and family. I have raised my baby but after that,I went back to father’s house(Ekonomi Yayınları). Without love and enthusiasm, you can not do this job. I am very happy to be a member of this family”.

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